Recently I was on the hunt to try and find a new place for long term rental and i was getting fed up with how there wasn't just one place to see everything that was actually available. Every agency seemed to have mostly unavailable properties and when they did have a decent property that was available it was only for winter rentals even though it was in the Long Term section.  And i am not even going to mention the photos that i came across. 

Once we found a place to rent i found out that i needed to pay the first month up front as well as 2 months deposit and then some even asked for the last month. So i was suddenly expected to have 4 months rent. I've since found out they charge owners a month as well. I was extremely disappointed with the existing system so i've decided to try and improve it. 

So Welcome to Just Rentals where we do it differently. We Want a simple system for everyone and we are on a mission to make sure all properties get better photos and walk through tours.  So this is how it works: 

We charge a small fee to the owner to list your property on our website. For that fee we will send our team of Professional Photographers & Videographers to make the best possible marketing content, We then list your property on our website and advertise it directly to people looking to rent in your area using the latest marketing techniques, including Social media.

Then every lead that comes in get's sent straight to you, We will provide you with standard contracts that you can use to ensure mutual security at no additional cost.   

For people looking to rent a property it couldn't be easier. They just look through the website and find the property with them and they will be put straight in to contact with the property owner. 

We have tried to make the system as easy as possible to save everyone time and money. If you need help with other aspects just get in touch and we can connect you with our network of Local experts. 





Helping you find your next rental property, No Fuss, No Fee! 

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